Monthly Archives: February 2010

Keep in mind the Lyrics-“We Love LA”

Top Of the Morning! Under the category of "no kidding". Its difficult out there, people have lost jobs..Banks  have locked the doors on lending to the Businesses that need it it the most....but we live in an amazing city with great diversity with citizens that we can be proud of. I cannot predict when this recession...
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Dare to be Boring..(not always)..Industrial Real Estate

In my many years of involvement in the LAX Industrial market...the "Dare to be Boring" which is how Industrial Buildings are sometimes labeled is mostly true...but we have some interesting exceptions with tenants/owners who are here at LAX or have been here.  The following is my top 10 list of unique companies that have located...
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Optimism In Real Estate? Can It Be?

Optimism With Your Morning Coffee!

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LOS ANGELES--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--Pessimism concerning the California commercial real estate market has ...
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A President’s Day Edition

Good Morning to all:  As we celebrate President's day.. I am grateful for the leaders we had in our history. Yes,  today is about President Washington & President Lincoln...but it is also in my humble opinion about all of our Presidents. We do not have to agree with a President and his polices ..and in...
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Opportunity is knocking

Thanks to our superb research team led by Jan Lee & Frances Smith. The following is a summary of what is available in the LAX Industrial Market, 70 Buildings with an average square footage of 18,547 square feet are available  for lease at an average monthly rental of $83.2 nnn. down by about 12% in the...
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