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Rental Reality February 2010

If there is one key to leasing space today, cheap it is for both the Landlord and the tenant to be flexible. The Landlord in most cases will not be paid  a 2007-8 rental rate and most landlords have adjusted to the new rental reality. The Tenants must allow the landlord the...
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A New On/Off Ramp for LAX

405 On the Move: Arbor Vitae Street
Caltrans is proposing to build a new on- and off-ramp on the Interstate 405 at Arbor Vitae Street to increase mobility in the area. The proposal is designed to more evenly distribute traffic and reduce congestion at the Manchester... Read more

The Change In Rental Rates At LAX

Top Of  the morning everyone, physician   The most significant change in rental rates for warehouses in the LAX Industrial region has been the narrowing of the rental rate gap between Industrial buildings that were built or later redesigned for Air Freight/Trucking Companies...Buildings that have docks or are considered dock-hi...versus Buildings that have...
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A Lift for LAX Air Cargo Traffic

Good morning, ailment   As Dr. Greenspan and Mr. Paulsen try to answer questions about the trends in our economy…we need to look no further then our “air cargo shipments”. I have seen many economic trends in over 25 years at, none has been as accurate as seeing the traffic flow in air...
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