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Notes & Quotes From The Legends

Each of us have different criteria on investing...I thought it is fun and informative whether we agree or disagree to read the quotes & notes from  Famous Investors and their different views on investing:
When reward is at its pinnacle, risk is near at hand.” – John Bogle
The first...
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Opportunity Is Knocking…Will You Answer?

"The Genius of Investing Is Recognizing The Direction Of A Trend, advice Not Catching The Highs and Lows" ( Famous Quote) An overwhelming 73% of the respondents still identify commercial real estate and short term cash as their preferred place for "investment". This is a reflection in the downturn of...
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The Real Economic Boss Speaks

"There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else." Sam Walton Speaking of Customers.....there is key one indicator that speaks volumes about our economy....what is the Consumer doing?   Consumer  Confidence is important because consumer spending drives 70% of...
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Unconventional Real Estate Marketing Takes Off

"Make it Simple, pills Make It Memorable, Make It Inviting to Look at, Make it Fun to Read"    Leo Burnett Guerrilla marketing is all about finding creative ways to stand out from competitive clutter. Sometimes this means putting a twist on an old method, but increasingly, it means finding completely...
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In Economics The Majority Is Always Wrong

Jim Cramer of Mad Money Fame...agrees with the quote above from John Kenneth Galbraith...and good for him....this is the time to jump in and make money in Commercial & Industrial Real Estate...please continue reading for Jim Cramer's  reasoning and bullish views on the Commercial/Industrial Real Estate Market in Southern California. Cramer on Thursday continued his...
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A Billion Dollar Real Estate Bet

This nation was built by men who took risks - pioneers who were not afraid of the wilderness, business men who were not afraid of failure, scientists who were not afraid of the truth, thinkers who were not afraid of...
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Buffet & Zell Are Buying…Are You?

Warren Buffett One of the  World's most successful  Investors recently became a 50% owner of Berkadia Commercial Real Estate ( formerly known as Capmark), the third-largest servicer of Commercial Mortgages. Sam Zell, the famous developer is on a Manhattan apartment-building buying binge. Just days after one of his companies, Equity Residential scooped up three...
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This Could Be Your Breakthrough Time

As an Owner Of Industrial Properties, I think this is an ideal time to take that idea you have...and start your Company. Landlords are offering free rent, lower overall rents..and creative concessions.., I recall sitting in my office in 1987,  (a  Recession Year)  when  I  received a call on one of my warehouses that was...
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Thinking Outside The Box

"There are no rules here, sales we are trying to accomplish something." Thomas A. Edison Bankers, decease   Real Estate Developers, Fund Managers..(the list can go on and on)...are being blamed for the economic issues that plague our great country..I want to encourage all of us to  leave the  " blame...
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