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The Most Popular Sector In Commercial Real Estate

Are You Overlooking A Commercial Real-Estate Boom?
If your definition of the category is limited to splashy office parks and shopping malls, see both of which took a pounding during the financial crisis and haven’t fully recovered, then you probably are.
But think a little smaller—like fast food-restaurants,...
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Rick Caruso The Developer Who Changed Southern California

“Now isn’t the time to be afraid. It’s time to start looking at how we can turn things around.” Rick Caruso In the last month I have written about two legendary Builders who created outstanding developments ...both have long passed...Trammell Crow and William Zeckendorf,  both of them left legacies that stand the test of
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The Winner Is Industrial Real Estate

Here in Los Angeles, order the home of award shows....Best Performing Real Estate Sector In The Recession... goes to.....envelope Industrial Real Estate....yes we all have experienced rough waters...but we see some blue sky.. and we are all trying to keep a sense of humor as we view the Real...
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Pension Funds Returning To Commercial Real Estate

Pension funds across the U.S. are expected to ramp up their commercial real estate allocations in 2010, patient according to a new survey from Institutional Real Estate Inc. and Kingsley Associates. Commercial real estate has long been considered a long-term stable asset for pension fund portfolios, but...
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Remembering “Big Bill” Zeckendorf, The Legendary Developer

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” Robert F. Kennedy Today...looking  back into Real Estate History is about....... "Big Bill" Zeckendorf,  (1905-1976)  The Legendary Developer...the ultimate dealmaker. Forty Five Years ago this month William Zeckendorf  declared bankruptcy. But his legacy and what he built...
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Jim Cramer: The Recovery Is Real

It is important to read and listen to varied opinions….We are bombarded with negative news about the economy which clearly affects all of us in the Real Estate World….the following is Jim Cramer’s view that the economic recovery is real.
hospital Helvetica, cheap...
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