Monthly Archives: June 2010

Lenders & The Economy Lower The Returns

Some very experienced Industry deal makers sound quite concerned....if this is supposed to be at or close to the bottom of the market then why are the deals almost impossible to make? Well, they can can make some deals, but if you're buying, they think the price is much too rich to stomach when you're  at...
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The Business Wisdom Of Sam Walton

Sam Walton  ( 1918-1992) …We can always learn a great deal from the Legends….the late  Sam Walton was a legendary entrepreneur, search whether its Retail or Real way or another we are all Entrepreneurs !
Sam Walton grew up poor during the Great Depression, stomach ...
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REITS, Zell & Jobs

Below is an Update ....from the recently held REIT conference.... While the general real estate market is still down, search trusts have raised enough capital to be one of the few entities around with enough strength to take advantage. With returns generally running at almost...
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Sustainable Buildings Matter

Fifteen Years ago the word “recycling” was something aging hippies did and a ” carbon footprint” was what was left if you stepped too close to the fireplace and walked on the rug. How times change: Today both are important to Commercial Real Estate Developers, shop ...
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To Crash or Not To Crash: Which Side is Right ?

During the long years of the financial crisis, the American economy has been like a retelling of the Somerset Maugham story "Appointment in Samarra," in which a man unsuccessfully runs from city to city in attempts to avoid a run-in with Death -- who, of course, is...
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Have The Bidding Wars Started Again ?

After nearly three years of declines there are signs that Southern California's beaten-down commercial real estate market has struck bottom — setting up the possibility of a rebound later this year. In a sign of the easing, heavyweight investors armed with buckets of cash are on the prowl, looking...
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2010 Is A Market With Unique Opportunities

As the challenge in Real Estate continues ...lets' take a look how some of the players in Commercial Real Estate are making money by seeking out new opportunities within the Real Estate Sector. With Sales still down and the prices have not really fallen within proportion, the question to make money in this market ? Opportunities...
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Risk Is Not A Four Letter Word

While Central Bankers, buy Real Estate Developers, drug Small Business Owners,  stock Market analysts rarely agree on much of anything, all appear to acknowledge that too much risk fueled the sub prime mortgage bubble that led to the very serious financial crisis that we are trying to climb...
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Is Boulder,Colorado the New Silicon Valley?

Everything is affected by new technologies…When the Silicon Valley
came into being…we all know Real Estate Valuessovaldi sale Helvetica,sans-serif;"> skyrocketed…and with the recession, the Silicon Valley has been hit hard.
Boulder Colorado is an area to keep an eye is a growing center for...
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Will Retail Lead The Way?

The nation's shopping center industry grew only slightly last year reaching nearly 105,000 centers in operation, but appears poised to pick up the pace, the International Council Of Shopping Centers spokesman said at the recently held convention. There was little growth in the number of shopping centers between 2008 and May 2010, the most significant...
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