Monthly Archives: August 2010

Cushman Reports Narrow Second Quarter Loss

The red ink slowed in the second quarter for the world's third-largest commercial services firm Cushman & Wakefield, as revenues increased, its Italian parent company Exor said. The net loss at Cushman shrank to $2.4 million in the second quarter, down from $22 million in the same period a year earlier, Exor reported...
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Are Policy Makers In Denial?

The Editorial below was written by Paul Krugman and published in the NY Times....His points are quite interesting NO MATTER what your political views are...there seems to be a clear consensus  that right now the Economy is stuck. Our Politicians are not solving our economic far.  What are your suggestions for the Economy ? What...
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The Strategy Of Defaulting By Big Developers

Like Homeowners walking away from mortgaged houses that plummeted in value, some of the largest commercial property owners are defaulting on debts and surrendering buildings worth less than their loans. Why are some of the largest commercial-property owners defaulting on debts and surrendering buildings worth less than their loans ? Just like homeowners walking away from...
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The REIT Slowdown

Although we still have four months left in the year, it’s not too soon to say that 2010 has been a disappointing year for REIT IPOs – both in terms of the number of IPOs, the offering price and the performance after going public. It’s true that much of the disappointment stems from the deflation of...
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Nervous Stock Market Investors Turning To Real Estate

Real Estate Research Corporation's Investment Ratings for the institutional apartment and central business district office sectors each jumped a full point during the second quarter 2010, making them the two highest-rated property types that the RERC surveys. The Investment Conditions ratings are based on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being higher and most...
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USA Freight Industry Is Back

None of us have a crystal ball into the future, but as many of you know my career has been centered around the LAX Industrial Real Estate Market....and as I have stated the freight industry goes the economy. If trade and freight continue on the upswing, the current economic ills will lessen and...
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It’s All About Jobs

James McCaughan, of Principal Global Advisors commented that Commercial Real Estate is ready for a significant rebound, he made 3  key points: 1.  The financing gap in the CMBS market is being filled. 2.  It is time for real estate to react to the recent improvement in the economy 3.  Absence of a double dip recession, the economy...
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Pent-Up Capital Chasing Deals

Institutional, Foreign Investors Target Quality Assets and All-Cash Buyers Jostle for Smaller-Than-Expected Pool of Distressed Properties while Investors Continue to Ignore Middle Market
While still a far cry from the avalanche some predicted would hit the market a year ago, distressed shopping...
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Unconventional Real Estate Marketing Takes Off With The QR Code

Point and shoot your camera phone at a mobile code to connect directly to a website, view a message or get a phone number ready for dialing.

All you need is a code reader for your camera phone and you are in on the fun....Have Your Company's QR Code along with a Dynamic Ad...

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