Monthly Archives: September 2010

The Real Estate Contrarians

The company’s executives expect prices for office buildings and other commercial real estate to keep rising, even as other experts warn another crash could be on the way. “I think...
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The Chase For Trophy Properties Stands Out In A Slow Market

The Moody’s/REAL Commercial Property Price Indices (CPPI) saw a 3.1 percent decrease in July, help the second consecutive month that the price decline has exceeded 3 percent. Neal Elkin, salve president of Real Estate Analytics LLC, said the... Read more

An Important Building Index You Never Heard About

Unless you're an architect, you've probably never heard of the Architectural Billings Index. Every month the American Institute of Architects sends out a survey to its members about how much they're billing.

Some economists say it can...

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Do The Tenants Know The Recession Is Over?

Economists Say Recovery Started 15 Months Ago, But Brokers Say Tenants Are Still in the pre-June 2009 cycle and a long way from the pre-recession years.

The National Bureau of Economic Research -- the official referee of the economy -- announced this week that it ...

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Space Matters

Efficiency is key as the nascent economic recovery continues to lift real estate tides. That’s according to American urban studies theorist Richard Florida, look who provided the keynote speech at CoreNet’s Global Summit. “We have to do more with less, sovaldi sale ” Florida told a packed room....
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The Shrinking Office Trend

Size of average lease deal has fallen by almost half since 1997 September  Office feeling claustrophobic? It's not just your imagination: The average office leasing transaction has fallen to just 5,700 square feet. That's a roughly 50 percent drop from the peak of 10,500 square feet in 1997, according to data the...
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Keep Your Dreams Alive

The financial fear in this country is palatable.  We see it all over.

Our dreams may have been deferred but they don't have to die because of the recession. In changing and challenging times, I believe it is necessary to think differently, If you are willing to do different things ...
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