Monthly Archives: September 2010

The Internationalization Of Real Estate Deals

The days when real estate transactions were closed with a handshake between neighbors are disappearing. As commercial real estate activity creeps toward pre-recession levels, online cross-border deals are also on the rise. The internationalization of real estate deals began around 2000, but many investors retreated to more familiar turf...
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Warren Buffett-Businesses Are Coming Back

Some of the biggest names in business said  that they see a bright future for the economy, click with famed investor Warren Buffett declaring that the country and world will not fall back into the grips of recession. “I am a huge bull on this country. We are not ...
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LeFrak: Investors Are Still Waiting

The danger of a collapse in the commercial real estate sector seems to have been overcome due to the low interest rates, but investors are still waiting for the second shoe to drop in the downturn, Richard LeFrak, the LeFrak Organization president, told CNBC. Read more
Multifamily property in major metro markets remains the asset of choice for many commercial real estate investors, with momentum fueled by a number of large late-summer sales transactions following a solid first half of 2010. Public and private REITs have landed the largest deals of...
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Real Estate 2010- The Story Continues

Despite continued bad news about the economy and real estate's role in it, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds in the real-estate sector have rebounded during the past year. Indeed, real estate has been the top-performing U.S.-stock fund category this year, through August,...
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Thinking Outside The Stocks

There is always a bull market somewhere. With the stock market continuing to whipsaw and bonds getting ever-pricier, investors are looking further afield for decent returns—and some are finding them. Self-storage buildings, anyone? How about abandoned railroad beds, cellular towers, student apartments or parking facilities? Such unglamorous...
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Hints Of Improving Times ?

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Banks' commercial loan portfolios in the second quarter showed the first hints of improvement since the third... Read more

Capital Freeze Beginning To Thaw

Real-estate funds saddled with tens of billions of dollars of boom-time properties are beginning to get some relief from Wall Street firms and other investors hoping to capitalize on their need for cash. Opportunistic investors are buying stakes in troubled funds at steep discounts or lending...
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