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Grubb & Ellis Sale To Colony Expires?

Grubb & Ellis said the exclusive negotiation period for the struggling commercial real estate brokerage to hammer out an acquisition or other strategic alliance with Colony Capital, expired this past Sunday. The Santa Ana, Calif.-based firm, which hired investment bank JMP Securities in March to explore a potential suitor, said it will continue to discuss a...
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Cantor To Change Real Estate?

Howard Lutnick, chief executive of investment-banking firm Cantor Fitzgerald, doesn't just want to join the commercial real-estate game. He wants to change how it is played.One of the big ideas he is studying: developing a market in property derivatives pegged to rents in individual buildings as a way for landlords and...
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New Jobs Numbers Bode Well For A Real Recovery

April’s job numbers brought plenty of good news, pilule further solidifying the sustainability of the recovery. Total employment grew by 1.3 million jobs on a year-over-year basis or 1.1%, purchase with three particularly encouraging trends: First, private sector jobs totaled 1.8 million with net new jobs dragged...
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New Trend In Your Market? Prebuilt Offices

Prebuilt office space — in which the landlord builds out the office before leasing it — has traditionally been seen as inferior to the custom-built variety. In New York , ampoule prebuilt offices is a trend that is picking up momentum. Is it happening in your market?
“It used to be...
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Is Lending Going To Get Easier Or More Complicated?

Is Lending and capital raising going to get more regulated and complicated than we had all hoped. Are more initiatives to investigate and regulate the financial services industry on the way? Are Politicians out to make headlines and that means to get big name lenders on some charge and to create new regulations? The legal bills...
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Deal Making 2011 Style

Scott Lawlor recently reached a deal to recapitalize this building at 450 West 33rd St. in New York.
In the past three years, deal maker Scott Lawlor lost Boston's tallest skyscraper to foreclosure, wrote down his $600 million private-equity fund to zero and became a high-profile example of the commercial-property industry's excesses. So,...
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The Adjustment From The Bubble Prices (2005-07) Continues

The commercial real estate market is continuing to adjust from "bubble" prices as 70.2% of the acquisitions made from 2005-2007 and subsequently sold in the first quarter of 2011 sold at a lower price, according to the latest release of CoStar's Commercial Repeat Sales Indices (CCRSI).Comparatively, 40.5% of acquisitions made before 2005...
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