Monthly Archives: August 2011

Cushman & Wakefield Update: Focusing On Growth

The chief executive of Cushman & Wakefield has said the global property services firm remains “keenly focused on growth” despite a first half loss of $22.4m.
Glenn Rufrano, there president and chief executive of Cushman & Wakefield, malady said that the company had upheld a strong operating performance in the...
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Getting To Success Through Failure

Dare to fail and fail harder because true success does not come by easily. It often requires a lot of hard work, there trials and errors before succeeding. A true success means the ability to overcome and get something under control. And most likely without much guidance, medicine we...
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A Real Estate Story Of Finding A Beauty In An Ugly Duckling

    • The Business and Research Center in Garden City, N.Y., was recently sold for $39.3 million.
      When Metropolitan Realty Associates LLC and Angelo, Gordon & Co. paid $7.4 million to acquire a former pharmaceutical plant on Long Island in 2005, some real-estate executives questioned the wisdom of the...
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Analysts Rethink Real Estate Outlook

Just as the robust pace of recovery at the end of last year led commercial real estate markets to believe the recovery was well-established, along came a barrage of disappointing economic and job growth setbacks, including downward revisions to gross domestic product, fiscal turmoil in...
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Well-Leased Properties Losing Appeal?

With the economy threatening to slip back into recession, many commercial real-estate investors believe the best way to weather the storm is to stick with well-leased buildings in major markets. But a new study from CoStar, a commercial-property-analytics company, suggests that the conventional wisdom has it wrong this time. The study found that leases in a...
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No On Double-Dip Recession….We Hope

The tumultuous events of the last four weeks have prompted downward revisions to economic forecasts, look and for good reason. On July 29, order U.S. GDP growth figures for the second quarter came in at an anemic 1.3%, for sale with first-quarter figures revised down...
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Warren Buffett Knows Best

What is the key to economic success for the U.S. during these turbulent times? According to Warren Buffett, medicine the housing market holds all the answers. With unemployment plaguing the nation, purchase and the debt crisis acting as a continued hinderance, many people are becoming skeptical of a fast...
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Strong Demand For Apartments

Investors continue to prefer U.S. apartment buildings over most commercial properties, even commercial office space, as total multifamily sales volume jumped nearly 80% in the second quarter over the same perioud last year. Although still just a fraction of its mid-2007 peak, the nearly $15 billion in sales...
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