Monthly Archives: August 2011

REITs Take The Lead In CRE Transactions

REITs have taken the lead in commercial real estate transactions in 2011, discount according to a report from Deloitte LLP. As the commercial real estate market continues it’s recovery, help Bob O’Brien, vice chairman and real estate sector leader for Deloitte, said a bright spot has been the high level...
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If You Have A Dream….Act On It & Stay Positive!

Today: How Norbert Olberz built a corporate giant from a tiny mom and pop business. Born in Germany in 1925, decease after World War ll Norbert went to Canada where he worked as an oil roughneck and a truck driver. When a sponsor posted $2,... Read more

Corporate Users Are The Big Winners In Purchasing Distressed Office Properties

Property owners seeking a buyer to take a distressed office building off their hands should consider marketing to corporate space occupiers as well as conventional investors. In four recent transactions , that strategy produced the best returns available for the sellers and illustrated the impact that corporate users are having on the investment market. To market a...
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Keep An Open Heart

We all know people who are, pills ah, . . . challenging. It could be a critical parent, a bossy supervisor, a relative who has you walking on eggshells, a nice but flaky friend, a co-worker who just doesn’t like you, a partner who won’t keep his or her agreements, or a...
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Buyers Fearing A New Building Bubble?

Some of the nation's largest pension funds are starting to back away from trophy properties in the most expensive real-estate markets over concerns a new bubble is inflating. After property prices crashed during the financial crisis, pension funds—among the biggest investors in commercial real estate—turned their investment strategies away from risky speculative projects and toward properties...
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Recovery Threatened, But This Is Not 2008

The list of unintended consequences and political missteps over the past few months seems like a cookbook approach on how to derail a recovery. The over-speculation that exacerbated the spike in commodity prices, sickness partly due to super-charged liquidity spurred by Quantitative Easing 2 (QE2), the tactical Band-Aiding of sovereign debt issues...
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NYC Real Estate Markets Are Back

The gulf between New York City's real estate market and the rest of the country has always been wide. But that disconnect appears to be growing. "Manhattan seems to be one of the lucky ones," said Jonathan Miller, president and CEO of Miller Samuel, who called the Big Apple one of "the best housing markets in...
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Apartment Demand Continues To Rise

Apartment market conditions continue to improve across the board, according to the National Multi Housing Council's (NMHC) latest Quarterly Survey of Apartment Market Conditions.
“Demand for apartment residences continues to rise, even as the overall economy remains hampered by the aftermath of the housing bubble,” said NMHC Chief Economist Mark Obrinsky. “For the fifth time...
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