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Five Lessons To Do What You Love….And Succeed

Credit to Shawn Park (FC)
Entrepreneurs come from all over the world, but most share an innate passion for questioning the constraints of ideology and discipline, and identifying practical solutions to problems by combining ingenuity, resourcefulness, and dogged determination. You Never Know Where a Good Idea Is Going to Come From. I'm fascinated...
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Inspiration Is A Two-Way Street

inspiration 300x251 Inspiration is a Two Way Street   Inspiration Propels Us  (Thank you Mike Turner)
I caught something on TV this weekend as I was flipping through channels before the news, medical and it really got me thinking. There was...
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Funds Invested In CRE :The 2011 Results Are In

In an otherwise awful year, real estate funds gained an average 7.6%, vs. a 2.9% loss for the average stock mutual fund, according to Lipper. This may seem puzzling to homeowners: The Federal Reserve estimates that homeowners have watched $7 trillion evaporate since the housing bubble burst in 2006. Real estate funds invest in commercial...
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Zuckerman: We must Reignite America’s Can-Do Spirit

Credit to Mortimer Zuckerman :
What happened to the American Century? I mean, what happened to that faith in the nation's high purpose and sense of direction that animated successive generations of Americans? They surfed the good times, endured the bad times. They took in their stride spectacular achievements like going to...
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Total U.S. Commercial Investment Transactions Top $160 Billion In 2011, Up 44 Percent

According to Jones Lang LaSalle's Capital Markets Outlook, preliminary investment transaction volume in the U.S., which includes office, industrial, retail and multifamily transactions, was up 44 percent to $160 billion for 2011. In addition, Jones Lang LaSalle believes transaction volume growth trends will continue throughout 2012, but at a slower year-over-year growth rate...
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Why Content Marketing Is Vital

An eMarketer study weighs the most valuable content marketing strategies in 2011
Branded content, clinic custom publishing, pills content marketing … no matter what you call it, search the creation and delivery of targeted custom...
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Want To Be a Landlord? There’s a Game For That

Apple Names Addictive 8-bit-style Tiny Tower Game its iPhone Game of the Year
My daughter, D'Ella, gave me a three-story, mixed-used building for the Holidays. I wasn't expecting it -- after all, she is only 11. In addition to a casino, the building houses a...
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