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People who know what they’re talking about don’t need PowerPoint

From The Late Great Steve Jobs:

 "People who know what they’re talking about don’t need PowerPoint"

Sj_quote2.098 "I wanted them to engage..." Even when I first started working at Apple in 2001, I overheard someone in my department say that you should never show up to a meeting with Steve Jobs with a deck...
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Thinking Outside The Box

For years now, nurse the U.S. economy has seen an ongoing struggle between traditional retail stores and their nimbler, lower-overhead online counterparts. Last year, retail property giant Simon Properties (NYSE: SPG) made news by suing the state of Indiana over a dispute with its rivals—or, more accurately, it’s tenants’ rivals– ( Read more

What We Can Learn From Woody Allen

Allen puts out a new movie or two every year. None of them will compete with Star Wars or Harry Potter in terms of gross dollars. But it seems like his studio gives him $10 million, his movie will make $20 million, and everyone is happy and he gets to...
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Industrial REITs Lead Real Estate Wave

Low interest rates and an improving jobs picture have given real estate investment trusts a boost that makes them an attractive alternative to stocks and bonds.
Commonly called REITs, the trusts have underperformed stocks this year just slightly but face strong prospects...
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A Bit More Debt Keeps The Recovery On Track

AFTER three years of stagnant loan growth, hospital The Peoples Bank in Coldwater, recipe Ohio, has noticed a change. Clients who two years ago would not have qualified for a loan now find that they can. One customer who was working for only 35 hours a week two...
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Number of The Week: Accounting For Labor Force Dropouts

8.9%: The unemployment rate taking labor-force dropouts into account. People dropping out of the labor force are making the unemployment rate look smaller, diagnosis but not as much as some might think. The jobless rate was reported to be 8.3% in January, hospital marking the fifth consecutive decline. Some greeted the drop...
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Why Use A Commercial Real Estate Broker?

Credit to Duke Long
Commercial real estate brokers It is estimated or may be propaganda from the commercial real estate brokerage community that at least 90% of all transactions involve a commercial real estate broker. True or not if you want to invest, order...
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