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The One Thing CEOs Need To Learn From Apple

A few weeks before Steve Jobs passed away, I was at Apple having lunch with a leader there. We revisited the well-known story of Jobs returning to an almost-bankrupt Apple. Jobs could have tried to maximize profits by squeezing every cent out of each of the existing product lines. But instead, he led...
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The Art Of Lease Negotiations Or Fair Is Where You Are Supposed To End Up

Credit to The Tenant Advisor (Coy Davidson) Remember Entourage the hit HBO Series. Go to the Video on YouTube for the interview of Hollywood Super Agent, Ariel Emanuel at the Web2.0 Summit 2010. If you are not familiar with Ariel Emanuel he is the real life Hollywood super agent that the fictional character Ari Gold is...
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End Of Retail ? Not!

Hey, there's something you should know about the end of retail: It's not really the end of retail.Last week, I plugged a report in Bloomberg Businessweek foretelling the future of retail as a wasteland of department and electronics stores. As shoppers did more of their research on the Web, learned about products from friends, scanned their cards (or...
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Sam Zell’s Insights On Investing

Sam Zell on key tenets of his investing philosophy: "I philosophically believe that if you can't delineate your idea in one or two sentences, it's not worth doing ... simplicity is critical."

Sam Zell on what has allowed him to be successful: "The definition of a great investor is someone who starts by understanding the downside....
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Negotiating When You’ve Got Nothing To Lose: 3 Strategies

When you've got nothing to lose, take some tips from Mediacom CEO Rocco Commisso What do you do when you’re outgunned, outmaneuvered, and out of options? Rocco Commisso, founder and CEO of regional cable operator Mediacom, was in a very public, high-stakes battle with broadcasters. At the beginning, he had very little leverage. That didn’t stop...
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Office Market Nears Rent Growth Tipping Point

Positive Absorption, troche Vacancy Trends Hold Up Despite Soft Patch In Economic Recovery
The rebound in office-using jobs is spreading to smaller businesses, which dominated office leasing activity during the first quarter of 2012. The continued positive absorption, coupled with dwindling...
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Five U.S. REITS That Invest Abroad

credit Brad Thomas (Forbes) U.S.-based REITs have traditionally focused their investments close to home; however, salve strategic diversification into international real estate is growing in popularity as such expansion has proven profitable for many foreign operators. Some REITs have broadened their investment sphere by leveraging the combination of expertise and tenant relationships of both...
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Real Estate & The Impact Or Not Of The Olympic Games

LONDON-With 100 days left until the 2012 Summer Olympic Games starts here, look the city has definitely seen economic and commercial real estate development growth in support of the contests, malady though the true impact on the local market is debatable. Historically, how a city fares with CRE after hosting the games...
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Will A Major Real Estate Deal Maker Have To Give Up The Chase ?

Barry Gosin, chief executive of the newly formed Newmark Grubb Knight Frank, is facing a dilemma that eventually catches up with all deal makers who rise to the top ranks of the brokerage business: giving up the thrill of the chase. Last week, Mr. Gosin showed just how good he is at it,...
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