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Commercial Real Estate Brokers: Now Is The Best Time To Start Your Career

Now is the best time for new commercial mortgage brokers to begin their careers, pilule says Commercial Mortgage Broker Training Expert Adam Petriella, Managing Partner of The Real Estate Finance Group, Inc.“As students graduate from college, they face a historic opportunity to start their careers in the mortgage brokerage industry because interest...
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It Really Is About Being Motivated And Persistent

credit to jane brody nyt The definition of an optimist: Someone, order like me, who plans to get more done than time permits. Having failed to achieve the impossible, someone, like me, who is sure everything will somehow get done anyway. A more classical definition from the Mayo Clinic: “Optimism is the belief that good...
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Ten Tips For Business Success

Leadership consultant Ritch Eich offers tips for climbing the corporate ladder during these challenging times. Perhaps one of his 10 basic steps can be crafted into a New Year’s resolution.
Ritch Eich presents 10 ways to approach advancement in during these tough economic times. (istockphoto)
December 31, clinic 2011 •...
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Let The Deal Making Begin

Credit To David Bodamer It’s May, drugs and that means one thing in the commercial real estate world: turning its attention to Las Vegas to see what happens at ICSC’s RECon show and what that portends for the industry at large. Although the conference focuses on retail real estate, healing it’s...
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“What Do You Want To Be” ? Memorable Graduation Commencement Address From Steve Rushin

Commencement Address by Steve Rushin Marquette University Milwaukee, WisconsinThank you. Good morning, Father Wild, trustees, faculty and administrators, my fellow honorees, proud parents and families. And congratulations.That lovely introduction was a kind of way saying I am now out of a job. I know what some of you must be thinking. You're thinking: I went to Marquette.I'm unemployed....
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Optimism Is Slowly Returning

Credit To Ken McCarthy
Two important segments of the economy: consumers and small businesses, and are getting more optimistic. In surveys released last week by the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) and the University of Michigan, treat the measures of confidence both reached their highest level since the recession...
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The Golden Rule Of Cold-Calling, Don’t

(credit Greg savage)
Almost all recruiters are told they must cold-call to build a client-base. Sadly, stuff that is mostly bad advice. Certainly it is true that all recruiters need to develop clients, identify prospects and find ways to build sustainable relationships. And often that means connecting with people you have never dealt with before....
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