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Rules For Being A Marketing Maverick

credit to Garin Kilpatrick & Yanik Silver Yanik Silver is a leader in the Internet Marketing world. The emboldened part of this post are excerpts from Yanik’s ebook, check and the standard font is my commentary. Marketing Maverick Rule #2 Strive to create 10 to 100 times the value for any price you charge.  Your...
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People Who Are Afraid Of Failing Shouldn’t Become Entrepreneurs

 (credit martin zwilling)
People who are afraid of failing shouldn't become entrepreneurs. The reason? In a certain sense, entrepreneurship is all about pushing your limits and taking risks. So a degree of failure should be expected -- and, in my opinion, worn like a badge of honor. It would stand for bravery -- or at least mark...
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A Housing Recovery….As Sales Of New Homes Gain

 credit AP & NYT
Americans bought new homes in May at the fastest pace in more than two years. The increase suggests a modest recovery is continuing in the housing market, link despite weaker job growth.
The New York Times
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Former Presidents On Staying Focused

When I first became an entrepreneur, pills my father, a lawyer and seasoned executive, gave me some advice that I didn’t fully appreciate until much later on. To be successful in business, he said, I’d have to learn to compartmentalize. I wasn’t sure exactly what he meant, but...
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The #1 Sales Glitch That Pushes Potential Clients Away

 ( credit to Carolyn Herfurth)
Entrepreneurs unwittingly do a lot to sabotage their sales. One big mistake they frequently make is trying to convince their prospects to buy their products and services. They spend time pitching and presenting, and wonder why their ideal prospects retreat. This shows up in so many steps in your sales...
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REITs, Is Bigger Really Better?

Credit to Jennifer Popovec, story NREI
A significant percentage of investors prefer to place their money in large cap REITs, choosing the security of bigger companies and often ignoring small cap REITs completely. That decision is short sighted, experts say. Today’s large cap REITs were—at one point—small cap players that achieved success and size over time....
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Malls Competing Hard As Economy Recovers

Credit To Bendix Anderson, healing NREI The title of the report says it all: "US CMBS: Growing Gap between Strong and Weak Malls." As the economy continues to creep down the long, winding road to recovery, strong malls are luring retail tenants away from weaker malls, according to this new report from Moody’s...
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