Monthly Archives: July 2012

Never Quit! Not Now Not Ever!


Are you a quitter but just don’t know it? Nobody likes to think of themselves as a quitter but statistics would seem to indicate the many sales reps tend to quit far too...
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Commercial Real Estate Forecast 2012-13

The other shoe has not dropped. During the housing crisis, viagra sale many people asserted that commercial real estate was the other shoe waiting to drop. Commercial real estate loan defaults did rise along with residential defaults, medical but the commercial sector never went down enough to throw the...
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Industrial Real Estate Investments Take Center Stage

With demand for U.S. industrial space rebounding and still relatively little new supply on the horizon, institutional investors are once again out scouring the market for warehouse portfolios, prompting heated bidding for larger and pricier transactions. Institutional funds such as Blackstone Group LP and AEW Capital Management, private...
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The All-Star REITs

London is set to host the 2012 Summer Olympics in a few days and the U.S. men’s basketball team should produce plenty of excitement.
The all-star cast this year includes Carmelo Anthony, cure search Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, LeBron James and Chris Paul, among others.
Veteran U.S.A....
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Act Fast, But Not Necessarily First

(credit Frank Partnoy-HBR)
Speed is killing our decisions. The crush of technology forces us to snap react. We blink, when we should think. E-mail, social media, and 24-hour news are relentless. Our time cycle gets faster every day.
Yet as our decision-making accelerates, long-term strategy becomes...
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The 6 People You Need In Your Corner

(credit Jessica Hagy) Nothing incredible is accomplished alone. You need others to help you, treat and you need to help others. With the right team, pilule you can form a web of connections to make the seemingly impossible practically inevitable. The Instigator: Someone who pushes you,...
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Think Warehouses Not Apartment Buildings

Real-estate investment trusts have racked up handsome gains, leaving the sector looking pricier than usual. That isn't necessarily a reason to exit the REIT market, but investors should favor the pockets that still look affordable.
Analysts still favor commercial properties like the King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania.
Think warehouses, not apartment buildings. REITs buy mostly income-producing...
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