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Commercial Real Estate Is A Yield Vehicle

credit Roland Li
Barry Sternlicht, the chairman and CEO of Starwood Capital Group LLC and the architect of hotel brands including the W, believes the U.S. commercial real-estate market has rebounded as investors seek assets that generate returns.
"Commercial real estate is a yield vehicle," Sternlicht told CNBC in...
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Office Rents At A Tipping Point?

Although rising levels of office absorption and a falling U.S. vacancy rate signal a strengthening market, the gains have yet to translate into meaningful rent increases for office landlords in most markets, CoStar Group reported this week in the company's Second-Quarter 2012 Office Review & Outlook.This week, CoStar analysts drilled deeper into the...
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Savvy Investors Are Buying Real Estate Now

To most people, U.S. real estate still stinks. More than a third of all mortgages are under water, with their holders owing more than their houses are worth. Home prices continue to fall in many areas of the country, and thousands of foreclosed homes are still waiting to be sold. Yet an...
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The Changing Role Of The Commercial Property Manager

Once upon a time a property manager’s responsibilities consisted chiefly of collecting rent, hospital managing the property and negotiating lease contracts. Now it’s becoming apparent that property managers have much more on their plates, purchase from acting as asset managers to providing research and valuation to leaseholders and lenders...
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Bullies Or Leaders In The Business World ?…Let’s Discuss

credit to Whitney Johnson, hbr blog
Picture a playground. Big kid randomly targets small kid, beating up small kid while taunting mercilessly. Big kid's friends laugh and walk away.Psychologists opine that big kid is insecure, a coward at heart. Small kid never tells a soul, but eventually recovers from the sticks and stones and names...
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Secrets Of A Master Negotiator

Life is negotiation. So much of our daily lives revolve around this practice, and yet so few of us spend any time truly learning what it takes to become great at this requisite skill.
Think about it: How much of your life involves negotiation? Most people don't realize when it is taking place. But it...
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US Rental Market Explodes

The perception of renters is shifting dramatically due to U.S. housing market woes and the troubles facing the economy at large, and the surge in rental demand is proof enough. Research firm Reis reports that rental vacancies are down to 5% nationwide even while house-affordability improves, meaning that more and more...
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