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Gen Y Gives Us 4 Lessons About Work

Credit to Laura  Vanderkam  (MoneyWatch) If you're managing young adults, you've probably uttered many of the common complaints: they flit from thing to thing and won't pay their dues. They want constant feedback, preferably involving effusive praise. They don't want to work late. Journalist and novelist Sally Koslow sympathizes with these accusations in her new book,...
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5 Tips For Presenting To Executives

Presenting to your peers is (relatively) easy. The stakes aren’t high. If you screw up, pill they’ll usually let it slip. But executives are different. Executives get things done through delegating to other people. So, they are always looking for who they can trust – and who they can’t. Make a good impression...
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When Europe Sneezes, Will We Catch A Cold Again ?

 credit to M. Heschmeyer ( Co-Star)
A handful of global economic and CRE outlooks this week tie the fate of the U.S. and European Union markets uneasily together. While the United States real estate market seems comparatively healthy at the moment, economists are concerned that, in an increasingly global and international market,...
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The Resurgence Of Industrial Real Estate

Factors Driving the Industrial Market’s ResurgenceGlobal supply chain trends and the demand for big box distribution space by the e-commerce sector are some of the elementsbehind recovery of the United States industrial market recovery, link according to Jones Lang LaSalle.According to Jones Lang... Read more

“Value” Is The Question

Credit to Baron Dekalb Today in commercial real estate we see a lack of clarity regarding “value”. Not only in commercial real estate investing, order but also in a closely related enterprise, commercial real estate leasing, we find frequent discrepancy, and sometimes wide variations of thought, as to what represents value. For more...
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Being Quiet & Getting It Done

 Credit to Roberta Matsoun
Some of you may have tried to reach me this morning and found that I was unavailable. That’s because I was knee high in muck with my husband and some friends. We were out having what I call clamming wars, here on Cape Cod. I have to admit, my team was quite vocal...
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Commercial Real Estate Where Are We Now?

credit: R, Drummer  Co-Star
Similarly to A Year Ago, Conflicted Sentiments Rule The Day As Stretch Run For 2012 Presidential Election Draws Nearer
This time last year, the CRE industry was mired in a summer funk, buzzing over the potential negative effects of the European debt crisis, the...
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