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3 Ways To Think Deeply At Work

credit to David Rock (HBR) Most  readers can relate to a central dilemma of knowledge work today: We're using rules for how we work in a factory in a time when most of our...
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LA, Boston, & Houston Will Have Rent Increases For Class-A Space in 2013

Washington, stomach D.C. and Las Vegas may be among the most expensive cities for class-A shopping center rents in the Americas at the moment, but going forward, retailers will see the greatest spikes in rental rates elsewhere, according to Cushman & Wakefield’s and ICSC’s recently released Global Shopping Center Report. The report projects...
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How Bosses Do Harm

credit to  Andrea Ovans  |   HBR
This is harsh. When participants from a high-performing division of a Fortune 100 company were polled during a Thunderbird webinar, fully 60% said their division was successful despite...
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Big Question Facing Cities: Will Gen Y Stay?

credit: Rolf Pendhall Do neighborhoods work like habitat for different kinds of households? City populations have rebounded in the past two decades as people who like city habitats have grown in numbers and in their share of the population. Mostly these are the Millennials - adults roughly 20 to 34-years-old, buy also known as...
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LAX Rooftop Ads Catching On

|September 14, cure 2012

Oakstone LAX Rooftop Ads Are Catching The Landing Eyes

“Make it Simple, Make It Memorable, Make It Inviting to Look at, Make it Fun to Read”    Leo Burnett Guerrilla marketing is all about finding creative ways to stand out from competitive clutter. Sometimes this means putting a...
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LAX Rooftop Ads Catching On

|September 14, try 2012

Oakstone LAX Rooftop Ads Catch “Falling Skies”

“Make it Simple, and Make It Memorable, shop Make It Inviting to Look at, Make it Fun to Read”    Leo Burnett

Guerrilla marketing is all about finding creative ways to stand out from competitive...

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Psychology Matters…Inspire & Transform

It happens less and less in a world of apathy. Inspire. Inspire many. But inspire toward the end game: transformation. I am often asked, what is the single most important thing holding our economy back? Without hesitation I answer, our psychology is bad and negativism is getting in the way. We have allowed cynicism to...
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Returning To The Cities: High Tech Companies Going Urban

credit: Richard Florida (WSJ)
For as long as many of us can remember, high-tech industries have flourished in the suburban office parks that are so ubiquitous in Silicon Valley, North Carolina's Research Triangle and other "nerdistans." But in recent years, high-tech has been taking a decidedly urban turn. Silicon Valley remains the world's pre-eminent center of high-tech...
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Office Leasing Shake Up, Start-Ups Challenging Major Brokerage Firms

New Internet-Based Firms Are Bypassing Brokers by Linking Tenants and Landlords; a Challenge to Data Providers

credit to Laura Kusisto (WSJ)
The office-space-leasing business has been slow to adopt new technology, but it is now getting shaken up by Internet start-ups. New companies are offering online deal information and videos, and are putting tenants and landlords together without...
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