Monthly Archives: October 2012

China, The Opportunties And Challenges Of Conducting Business

China is not just exporting good anymore. Changes in the country over the years have created a major consumer society, and its logistics sector is trying to adapt, according to new research by Jones Lang LaSalle. Three trends are taking place that are moving this along: the increase of the country's middle class, and uptick in...
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Commercial Real Estate Forecast 2013-14

Commercial real estate will improve marginally in 2013. New construction activity will inch upward, online operating income will be a little better, mind and property values will level off. Later, site in 2014 or 2015, operating income and prices will...
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LAX Rooftop Ads Creating A New Market

“Make it Simple, there Make It Memorable, illness Make It Inviting to Look at, troche Make it Fun to Read”    Leo Burnett
Guerrilla marketing is all about finding creative ways to stand out from competitive clutter. Sometimes this means putting a twist on an old method, but...
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