Monthly Archives: November 2012

The “Latte Method”

Do Starbucks employees have more emotional intelligence than your physician?
A cranky customer snaps at his barista, ampoule lodging an unjustifiable complaint about the service, pharmacy the temperature of the drink…about anything and everything.  He came into the store angry (and in pain from a chronic illness) and he needed...
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A Patriotic Gift, The Right To Vote

How much do you appreciate your right to vote? Is it something that you truly cherish, or is it something that you just take this for granted? Consider this fact; throughout our American history, many average citizens like you and me fought for this right, and in some cases, even died for the right to vote!...
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Embrace Your Niche

Find a way to differentiate yourself in the market.
“The customer is always right.” This pulls some weight in our camp when it comes to customer service, order but in reality customers shouldn’t dictate our business operations. They know what they want, no rx but unlike many of the...
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