Monthly Archives: December 2012

5 Reasons You Need To Meet In Person

 credit Rene Shimada Siegel
When the daily avalanche of emails and voice messages gets overwhelming, it’s so tempting to retreat to my office and start typing replies and returning phone calls. That’s one of the biggest mistakes I can make. No matter what industry we’re in, we’re all in the people business. We’ll only be successful if...
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The Demand For Industrial Real Estate

credit : Rene Circ The market has seen two years of demand following a very significant downturn, cheap with interest widespread across the country but primarily concentrated in large distribution markets and especially in modern logistics buildings. But the annual numbers are deceiving: Quarterly performance has been less consistent. In fact, Read more

Count Your Blessings

credit : marci phillips
The holiday season is classically a time of high and low emotions. If things in your life and/or career are challenging right now, then perhaps this can be a time to make some internal changes that will resonate in a very positive way. Try to not measure the job you have or don’t...
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“The Rebel And The Rabbi’s Son” Just released

To the many blog readers's who over the years have asked me about my background  my sincere thanks for reading  my memoir titled " The Rebel and the Rabbi's Son" .  Thank you Below is the synopsis: The closed world of ultra-Orthodox Jews in America is a subject of much curiosity and intrigue as they...
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Year-End Closings….The Race To the Finish Line

credit to Mark Heschmeyer (co-star)
Buyers/Sellers Rush To Close Deals Ahead of Expected Return to Higher Tax Rates
December typically sees a rush among investors to close property sales transactions by year-end. But this year, the wave of property sales has been much larger than usual, with...
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Don’t Get Stuck as Someone Else’s Second-in-Command

(credit to John Beeson HBR)
Every senior executive would love to have an Allan Taylor on his or her team. And that was the nub of Allan's problem. For a number of years, Allan has reported to a highly visionary manager, and they made a great team. Allan has ensured consistent execution of his boss's...
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Why ?

Credit To David Gergen Yet again we are struggling to bear the unbearable. How can we find meaning in the massacre of so many innocent children, savagely cut down in a hail of bullets? Abraham Lincoln is much on our minds these days and, fortunately, there is much his life teaches us about giving meaning to human...
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