A President’s Day Edition

Good Morning to all:  As we celebrate President’s day.. I am grateful for the leaders we had in our history. Yes,  today is about President Washington & President Lincoln…but it is also in my humble opinion about all of our Presidents. We do not have to agree with a President and his polices ..and in many cases I do not…but I hope for their success , for their success will keep our country safe and strong.

Okay…so you are President for the day…what do you do first if you have the power…since this blog is about Real Estate…..I would  pass an “Emergency Lending Law” mandating the Banks to lend a certain amount every month. Yes, we all know that Banks have gone from one extreme to another in the last sixteen months.  We have businesses from every sector especially in Real Estate/Construction and the trickle down from Real Estate that are suffering.  We can raise short term rates to kick start interbank lending along with tax credits…With no capital flowing….we have no growth…jobs will not be created and the economy will stay stuck in the mud. Yes the risk is always there in lending….but no risk…no gain! Does anyone think that every person who read the original Microsoft & Google Business Plan believed in them? Heck no…there was risk there…we cannot go into a shell as a country…we must devise a plan to get this economy growing…and We require capital…so Banks let’s get a creative plan out there and get capital into the market.  On that note.. I wish you all a ” Happy President’s Day”…and  a  quote from President Lincoln

You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was.
Abraham Lincoln