Business And Social Media….Nobody Said Blogging Was Easy!

Corporate Blogging is on the Decline

94% of businesses now use social media with Facebook being the most popular platform, store according to research compiled by MBA Programs. The infographic below details how business is utilizing social media.

The data shows a trend of less companies using blogging as a social media tool. In my opinion a blog is the most effective online tool a business professional can utilize. I think the decline is more about the challenges of blogging than its effectiveness. Maintaining a freshly updated blog requires significantly more effort and time than posting to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, but no exercise is more effective to raise brand awareness, increase online visibility and establishing a reputation as thought leader in your field.

My approach is that I see the social networks as great distribution channels . The LAX/Oakstone Minute  may not always be first place people discover me, but I certainly enjoy sharing with others  interesting topics and data on commercial real estate and a variety of issues.

Social media is going corporate
Credit The Tenant Advisor