Count Your Blessings

credit : marci phillips

The holiday season is classically a time of high and low emotions. If things in your life and/or career are challenging right now, then perhaps this can be a time to make some internal changes that will resonate in a very positive way.

Try to not measure the job you have or don’t yet have against anyone else. Find it in your heart to be happy for another actor when they get a job. Respond to their achievement today in the same positive way that you’d like them to respond to yours tomorrow. It’s a good bet that much of this good energy that’s now flowing out will be acknowledged by the universe and come right back to you!

Whenever a plan or goal doesn’t turn out the way you envisioned, consider that maybe the universe has a better idea and don’t be so quick to judge it negatively. It’s very possible that what you desperately want today may not really be the best circumstance for you. Be willing to let go of your expectations and allow something else that’s wonderful in. Remember that things have a tendency to work out exactly the way they’re supposed to. Ask yourself how the perceived “bad” events that you’re presented with can make you stronger and wiser.

Sometimes you can get so caught up in what you don’t have that you’ve left no room to reflect on what’s presently beautiful and good in your life right. All of these things are there. If you can’t see them, it’s because you’re too busy making eyes at some intangible deity to really look. Waiting for some magical, external thing to make you whole and happy is denying the joy that’s right in front of you.

Sit down and make a list of everything you’re grateful for. I know that this simple act may seem elementary and naïve to some of you, but you’ve got to start the healing somewhere. If you see the world (and your career) in negative terms – unfair, impossible, you can’t get a break – then you’re right, because that’s exactly what will be mirrored back to you. However, if you see the world (and your career) as a big, beautiful adventure where anything is possible – then you’re also right, because the universe is defined simply by your perspective.

When making the choice to acknowledge and appreciate all of the good things that are in your life, then you are creating a positive, brilliant and powerful shift.

If you can do this, then nothing can get in the way of your progression towards a happier and more peaceful existence….and who could ask for a greater gift than that?