Dare to be Boring..(not always)..Industrial Real Estate

In my many years of involvement in the LAX Industrial market…the “Dare to be Boring” which is how Industrial Buildings are sometimes labeled is mostly true…but we have some interesting exceptions with tenants/owners who are here at LAX or have been here.  The following is my top 10 list of unique companies that have located their Companies within an Industrial Facility at LAX.

1.  The Barry Manilow Management Group

2.  CSI Miami

3.  Eskimo Pie Ice Cream

4.  Neutrogena

5.  Mattel Toys

6.  Spectrum

7.  The Lawrence Welk Group

8.  Merle Norman Cosmetics

9.  Office Depot

10. Big 5 Sporting Goods

Although REITs  (Real Estate Investment Trusts) dominate the warehouse investment scene, smaller investors, especially people pulling money out of the stock market, recognize this property’s potential. Even though they aren’t glamorous, warehouses offer flexible space that owners can transform into  a myriad of  uses some of which are  listed above. Warehouses do not have the beauty of a High Rise Office Building, they offer steady appreciation.  Dare to be boring (not always) can be changed to read…”more flexible to lease in a recession” If the office sector slows down to a crawl..your Industrial Warehouse can be leased for storage, your Office building is primarily a one use facility.