Dogs With Glasses: A Lesson On Overthinking Social Content

 credit to Rich DeMatteo (Bad Rhino, sick Rumblings)

Dogs With Glasses

No matter how hard we try, ed some things will never be sexy.  That is lesson number 1.

A bulldog with glasses quite possibly makes for the perfect intro picture on just about any blog.  And that would be lesson number 2.

Trying Too Hard = Boring Social Content

As social media marketers, drug it’s sometimes our job to promote the un-promotable.  It’s our task to engage (indirectly sell) with potential customers of a potentially boring social product.  And as we found out at Bad Rhino, it’s easy to overthink content creation.

One of our clients in Chicago is an eye doctor.  They help people see better.  They help people who at some point may suffer from macular degeneration.  Those long two words put together would be an eye disease, causing blurred vision and possibly blindness.  Sexy?  No.  Solid educational content that might trigger a response… yes?


Judi DenchBut maybe the content will work if next time we mention that Judi Dench is suffering from macular degeneration?

Still Wrong.

Our research on eye health and eye care was going to waste.  Sure, it was educational, but if a tree falls in the woods…. you get it.  We weren’t receiving comments or “likes” on our updates, and even though the community was very small, we knew there should have been just a little babybit of engagement.

Before I move on to examples of what was a big leap forward in content, I’ll just clarify that educational posts are still important and always need to be present, but they can’t be the entire content strategy, especially if not producing results.

We good?

What We Learned About Eye Doctors + Social Media

To our credit, it didn’t take us long to realize we needed lighter content that was focused on the viewers enjoyment.  As it relates to eye doctors, this is what we learned:

  1. People go to the eye doctor to learn about their eyes.
  2. People don’t go to Facebook to learn about their eyes.

The above was not performed scientifically.  There may actually be someone right now realizing their sight is cloudy.  They may then prove me wrong by going to Facebook and reading through updates on an eye doctors page about why they’re having problems.  However, if this person were to end up on our client’s Facebook page, they may or may not find what they’re looking for.  But I’ll tell you one thing, if you’re not looking for a ridiculous picture of an animal wearing glasses, then really, who are you?

Easy Content Ideas That Increased Engagement

When we took a step back, we realized that the following content strategies worked perfectly, increasing engagement and driving traffic into Facebook:

Dogs With Glasses… or any animal with glasses

Dogs With Glasses Social Media

The 4 “likes” and 6 comments may seem puny, but it was touchdown dance worthy at that time.  It’s a good feeling when you go from 0 to 6.  Imagine if you had 0 skittles and then all of a sudden you had 6.  You’d feel amazing.  You would.

Why animals wearing glasses works as content

1. Who wouldn’t like that picture above?

2. While the text isn’t promoting or directly selling, it works because people love animals, and the animal is wearing a product that relates directly with our client.

Pictures and/or information about the office, doctors, and staff

AVC Staff

Patients who visit our client are completely in love with the staff and doctors.  When their eye doctor just happens to be a grown man wearing a 100% serious Captain America costume, you know why they keep coming back.

Facebook updates that include fun facts and information about the doctors and staff have been tremendous.  Patients find it fun that they can swing on over to Facebook and learn a funny fact about the good doctor.

Why office, doctor, and staff related updates work?

1. People like feeling as if they’ve been given a back stage pass.  Customers/patients like feeling closer to the brand, staff, or product.

2.  This client prides themselves on making sure patients have a great experience. Doctors and staff  want patients to leave the office feeling special and maybe even excited to come back.  We want to emulate that on Facebook, which makes our job fun.

The Social Content Lesson Learned

All social media marketers will at some point be handed the keys to a client that has a product a bit on the dry side.  When your turn comes, I want you to ask yourself the following question when developing content.

Will Humans Like This?

Ask yourself that question after each content strategy and social post is developed.  Will humans like it?  Is the content strategy something that MOST people can relate to?  If yes, then congrats, your content may just work.

Our dogs with glasses pictures and staff/doctor related content did well  because they both relate to the product and brand while being fun.  Why would anyone like an eye doctor on Facebook?  It has to be fun.

And isn’t that what social media is all about… a fun time?  It’s just our job as social media professionals to introduce an indirect sale or two, while also supplying the content and forum for that fun time.