Going Sky High Creating A Buzz For Your Ad Campaign

LAX Rooftop Ads Creating A New Market

“Make it Simple, health Make It Memorable, Make It Inviting to Look at, Make it Fun to Read”    Leo Burnett
Guerrilla marketing is all about finding creative ways to stand out from competitive clutter. Sometimes this means putting a twist on an old method, but increasingly, it means finding completely new methods to achieve the objective.  CBS had a long running successful ad on The LAX Oakstone Rooftop Billboards for “The Amazing Race” show and now The  TNT Network is  utilizing The LAX Oakstone Rooftop Billboards with a Creative Ad Campaign in marketing their season of “Falling Skies” which debuts on TNT June 19 that has received rave reviews.
The Unconventional  marketing  Ad Campaign involved painting the roofs of three buildings that total over 100,000 square feet that are  seen when you are landing at LAX Airport featuring colorful advertisements for the show. Anyone now landing at LAX is being treated to the unexpected LAX Oakstone Rooftop Billboards featuring the”Falling Skies” Ad from thousands of feet up! The ads  are generating a significant buzz as people  are talking about the unconventional ad campaign that is creating a stir both for the passengers landing at LAX, and for the Print Media who like to write about advertising that is outside the box. The LAX Rooftop Billboards will work perfectly for Advertisers  that want a new buzz for their Ad Campaign.


The Oakstone Company created  ” The LAX Rooftop Billboards”. (www.oakstonecompany.com)(Click the photo to view full size)