Opportunity is knocking

Thanks to our superb research team led by Jan Lee & Frances Smith. The following is a summary of what is available in the LAX Industrial Market,

70 Buildings with an average square footage of 18,547 square feet are available  for lease at an average monthly rental of $83.2 nnn. down by about 12% in the last year.

13 Buildings with an average square footage of 17,662 square feet are being offered for sale at an average asking price of $156.11, down by approximately 20%.

I have been active in this market since the early 1980’s….cannot imagine a better time to acquire property. I seriously think the adage of “buy low sell high ” applies here…get in low now and own…and you will down the road with patience have the opportunity to sell high…or continue to collect passive income…great choices!¬† The money market funds…the stock market…with few exceptions…Industrial Real Estate will outperform all of them. Keep in mind Industrial Real Estate is one of the core indicators of our economy..look around…just about everything you own has at one time been either stored or manufactured in an Industrial Building.

I have been asked…when is the perfect time to purchase? I can only answer that when the economy lifts off…the great deals will disappear.